Residential Apartment Units

At Magma Developments, our aim is to establish long-lasting relationships with tenants through on-site management and our head office. This kind of consultative relationship starts with a thorough understanding of what tenants’ need and the environment they live in.

At Magma, we believe that every tenants deserve a pleasant and friendly accommodations to call it home.

We know that not every market is the same – tenants’ needs vary by market and they often change over time. But by having our own eyes and ears in all aspects of our buildings, we are able to keep track of the pulse of each particular portfolio so that we exceed our tenants’ expectations. Our high resolution surveillance has given our management and tenants a safe and secure environment where all external activities in all buildings are monitored. Our continuous improvements programs are established to remodel and to renovate of the buildings or units are on the go at any given time. Our on-line comments and suggestion page allow tenants and management to be in touch 24/7.

In addition, we provide tenants with access to 24/7 emergency telephone line and

respond to all tenant maintenance requests and manage necessary maintenance and repairs. We manage the maintenance of the exterior of the property, including summer/winter maintenance.

Property Management

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